Successfully Completed Projects
We have completed a number of luxury and specialised projects throughout NSW and Queensland over the past years. These include several architect designed homes and a number of homes where extensive modifications were required to accommodate the needs of our clients with disabilities. Click below to view more details about these projects.



Our client, a man in his thirties, wheelchair bound and totally dependent on his guide dog, required a solution that could provide 24hour access for his dog to the back yard.

For safety and everyday living purposes, he also needed a convenient way to exit his bedroom during the day or night. To meet these requirements, we provided the client with direct bedroom access by removing the bedroom window. We replaced this with an aluminum door unit, recessed into the slab to achieve an even door threshold. We also installed a ramp and platform which now enables easy wheelchair access. In the process we were also able to devise / provide the perfect access solution for his guide dog.