Successfully Completed Projects
We have completed a number of luxury and specialised projects throughout NSW and Queensland over the past years. These include several architect designed homes and a number of homes where extensive modifications were required to accommodate the needs of our clients with disabilities. Click below to view more details about these projects.



Confined to a powered wheelchair and with a young child in her care, our Brisbane based client needed a home for her family that could accommodate her specific living and rehabilitation needs.

This project required us to purchase a home on a level block of land and undertake a complete home modification. We started by removing unnecessary internal walls to enable open plan living and adapting both the internal corridors and external pathways for easy wheelchair access.

As a pool played key role in the client’s rehabilitation, we designed and build a raised pool surround with a hoist which allows her to enter and exit the pool for her daily exercise program with ease. To enable complete safety around the pool and the wider perimeters of the home, we installed suitable fencing.

As can be seen here, this project required a complete custom design, working closely with all parties involved. These included the client’s case managers, occupational therapists, local government, engineers and a team of International lawyers. We were able to meet the client’s needs, deliver the project within a short timeframe and within budget.